5 Reasons to Install Bay Windows

5 Reasons to Install Bay Windows

Bay windows offer a number of excellent benefits. They are loved by many homeowners because they provide an abundance of natural light, as well as additional living space. Bay windows will bring a flourish of personality to the room, while creating an airy feeling that lightens the mood. Here's a look at five excellent benefits of installing bay windows in your home.

More Natural Light

The angled configuration of bay windows allows light to pour in from multiple directions. Natural light can boost your mood and add a fresh feel to the room. And, if you have house plants, they'll love the light as well.

Increase Space

Not only will the added light make your home feel more spacious, the bay windows will actually add more physical space because of the way they jut out from the walls. This can create a cozy nook in which you curl up with a crossword puzzle or long-winding novel.

Panoramic View

Especially if you're lucky enough to have a home that has a view of a body of water or geological feature, bay windows are a great way to maximize this luxury. This will be great for your own personal pleasure, but will also be quite impressive when entertaining.

Improved Ventilation

While the middle glass panel is typically fixed in place, the two outer panels can be used to bring in fresh air from multiple directions.

Boost Home Value

For the above-listed reasons, bay windows will help you fetch top dollar when it comes time to sell. From the outside, the stately appearance of bay windows helps to increase curb appeal.

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