6 Fascinating Facts about Glass

6 Fascinating Facts about Glass

Throughout our day-to-day lives, we rely on glass for a high quality of life, yet don't often stop to think about its history or production. But the next time you look at yourself in the mirror or gaze through a window from the comfort of your living room, it's worth taking a moment to consider the magic of glass. Here are six interesting glass facts.

Made from Sand (and Other Materials)

While it's commonly known that glass comes from sand, the production process also relies on other materials, such as limestone and soda ash. These materials are liquified at an extremely hot temperature (in the range of 3,000 degrees). After melting and cooling back down, glass forms.

Occurs in Nature

When lava emerges from a volcano and then quickly cools down, it can form obsidian, which is a type of naturally occurring glass.

Lightning Glass

Lightning can heat the surrounding air temperature to 50,000 degrees. When lightning strikes sand, this extreme heat can lead to the formation of glass.

Glass Delusion

A psychiatric condition known as “glass delusion” occurs when sufferers truly believe that they are made of glass. Among sufferers, a common fear is that they will suddenly shatter. King Charles VI of France suffered from glass delusion and took significant measures meant to protect him from shattering, such as wearing reinforced clothing and not letting people touch him.

Hydrofluoric Acid Can Dissolve Glass

Hydrofluoric acid services a variety of industrial purposes and it's possible you've used it before in a rust remover. Typically, hydrofluoric acid is stored in plastic containers because it is highly reactive toward glass and can dissolve it.

Fast Cracks

When an object strikes glass, the cracks spread at around 3,000 miles per hour, which is nearly five times the speed of a stealth bomber.

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Posted: May 3, 2021

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