What are the benefits of casement windows?

What are the benefits of casement windows?

Casement windows differ from other common window styles in that they use a hinge to open outward, as opposed to sliding open. Though casement windows tend to cost more than standard single or double-hung windows, many homeowners consider their benefits to be worth the cost. Here are five advantages of casement windows.

Strong Security

The hook-shaped locks on casement windows embed directly into the frame. With this design, it is especially challenging for potential home invaders to use casement windows as access points to get inside.

Excellent Ventilation

While other common windows can only be partially opened, casement windows can be fully opened, allowing for better ventilation in your living spaces. You can also push casement windows out to an angle that they catch breezes and route them into your home.

Enjoy the View

Casement windows have fewer muntins (supporting strips between adjacent glass panes), making the view out the windows less obstructed. For rooms that look out on a garden or other attractive features, it'll boost your quality of life and home value if you install windows that allow the best views possible.

Available in Many Styles

Casement windows are manufactured in a wide variety of styles, with popular choices being double-frame and French. No matter your design scheme, there will be casement windows available that will give you the look you seek.

Weatherproof Windows

Because casement windows have such strong seals, they do an excellent job of keeping out the weather. This means you can go easier on your HVAC system, which will reduce wear and tear on it, while also keeping your energy bills lower.

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Posted: April 2, 2021

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