What kind of bathroom mirror should I choose?

What kind of bathroom mirror should I choose?

If you're looking to update your bathroom's appearance, it's certainly worth considering a new mirror. While the mirror does have an important functional purpose, it can also serve as a transformative aesthetic component of your design scheme. At Dependable Glass, we sell and install an assortment of beautiful bathroom mirrors. We also offer custom-cut mirrors so you get a mirror with just the right style and dimensions for your bathroom. Here are some of the popular choices for bathroom mirrors.

Gilded Mirrors

Gilded mirrors have gold frames and create a stately aesthetic. If you want to give your bathroom a shimmering classiness, then this is certainly an option worth considering.

Sculptural Mirrors

A sculptural mirror serves as an artistic feature. Due to humidity, bathrooms are not great locations for paintings and photographs. But a sculptural mirror can provide the artistic flair that may otherwise be lacking in your bathroom.

Minimalist Mirrors

If you prefer a more subtle look, then it's worth exploring different types of minimalist mirrors. These mirrors have very slender frames or no frame at all. And with no embellishments, this type of mirror will give you the understated look that you seek.

Mirrored Walls

Mirrored walls can make the space feel roomier. If you have a bathroom that is on the smaller side, mirrored walls can help it seem more spacious, especially when combined with a frameless glass shower door.

Antique Mirrors

Vintage mirrors are very popular and add nostalgic charm to the bathroom. If you find the perfect antique mirror but it has cracked glass, you can bring it to our shop to have the damage flawlessly repaired.

Custom Mirror

If you have a unique vision for a bathroom mirror design, we can work with you to create it. Our crew provides expert custom glass cutting. Custom-cut mirrors can also be a great option for bathrooms that have unconventional dimensions.

Bathroom Mirrors in Phoenix, AZ

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Posted: September 2021

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